We will be their voice. We are C.L.E.A.R.

RVR Horse Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. We are a volunteer run Horse Rescue in Riverview, Florida.

Here at RVR our mission is to intervene on behalf of mistreated horses. Our goal is to take them out of their bad situations and find loving homes for all of them.

We rescue, rehabilitate and provide a safe place for the neglected, abused, and abandoned. Most have been passed from owner to owner, never knowing love or consistency. RVR is a place where the rescued can get the medical attention, nutrition, training, and a safe haven to rehabilitate so that eventually we can place them to approved and loving homes. RVR Horse Rescue also keeps track of all adopted horses to make sure their living conditions remain good for the rest of their lives.

 Rose is always so excited for dinner time! Check out her little tongue trying to peek out of her mouth! So cute! But Rose is a prime example of one of our horses that was rescued after the behalf of a CLEAR citizen. Her rescue from the SFSPCA has not only found her son, Fury, a loving home, but her a place of comfort until she finds her perfect sponsor! Unlike some of our horses, Rose arrived terribly afraid and petrified of anyone who came near her, the sign of physical abuse. It has taken many months, but Rose is now coming out of her she'll and socializing with the other horses! In fact, she has become quite good friends with Mocha! It's such a delight to see the two of them get along so nicely! (photo by @daniellelyynnn)
 While many of our minors are heading back to school tomorrow to get their educations, it's time for us to educate the community about the severity of horse abuse and how to stop it! For this first week of school, we are going to be posting CLEAR posts and along with it some information you may not know about saving a horse's life. Today's tidbit of information is about the way we rank our horses on the Henneke Scale: the Henneke Scale is a reference we use to rate the severity of a horse's condition, usually regarding its weight. Low numbers (1-4) represent that the horse is either underweight or emaciated. Middle numbers (5-6) tell us that the horse is at a healthy weight, and high numbers (7-10) inform us that the horse is overweight. Every rescue that steps on RVR property is given a number, and sadly most of our rescues rank a 2 or lower. Let's put an end to horse abuse once and for all; stay tuned tomorrow as we continue our CLEAR week of education !
 Just a little #MareMadness to enlighten your Monday! Angel is doing much better now that she has joined the RVR family, and has grown accustomed to our volunteers! ❤️ It's such a delight to to see her personality blossom ☺️
 Sunny decided to rock an old hair style today!  Anybody wanna guess what year?
 Guess who we caught sneaking hay from the stall?! Buddy! He's such a mischievous boy; gotta love him

RVR Horse Rescue is not a sanctuary but rather a home for the rescued to build their minds, bodies, and souls to allow them to move on and find a forever home through our adoption program. Our goal is to rescue the ones we can, and though we realize we can’t save them all we believe each one we can save is worth fighting fore. Each horse’s life is important to us and we make sure they know it from the moment they step foot on our property.

We welcome visitors, but request that they make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you at the ranch!


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2nd Annual ASPCA’S Help A Horse Day 2015! We had over 400 visitors and had a great kick off to our Horse Angels campaign. 

Our Group Volunteer Shot from the day!

Our Group Volunteer Shot from the day!


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2015 Top-Rated NonProfit

RVR Horse Rescue Inc received the Top-Rated NonProfit award from GreatNonProfits in 2015.

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The GuideStar Exchange Gold award is a symbol of RVR’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

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